Event: Confronting the Police State – a discussion

[The following is being passed on as it was received.]

The Friendly Fire Collective presents…

A Bay Area Strategy Discussion

Join the Friendly Fire Collective for an open strategy discussion on organizing against police power in the Bay Area. This event will feature a panel discussion of organizers from police accountability groups around the Bay, including San Francisco, the East Bay, San Jose, Sonoma County, and Watsonville. There will be an open discussion of current campaigns, strategies for fighting police violence and enhancing response capacity, and ultimately building community self-determination.

What are the specific issues involving law enforcement that we see affecting our communities? What steps have we taken to address these? What is working and what isn’t? After an incident of police violence has occurred, what can we do collectively to respond to this type of assault? How do we take the power away from law enforcement and reconcentrate it in the hands of community members? And how can we look beyond state policing to a new type of community policing based on accountability to ourselves and our peers, not corrupt and draconian laws? It is hoped that from open and honest conversations around these topics networks can be built and effective strategy developed.

Friday May 22nd, 7pm
AK Press Warehouse
674-A 23rd St., Oakland

(but donations are gladly accepted)

The panel discussion will feature organizers from:
– SF Cop/Migra Busters
– San Jose CopWatch
– Silicon Valley DeBug
– Watsonville Brown Berets
– Petaluma CopWatch
– members of Oakland police accountability groups




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