Lawrence Lessing on remix culture and “an ecology of creativity”

Talk given at TEDxNYED March 6, 2010. “A bit about what conservatives can teach the free culture movement. Playful. Remember.”

Lawrence Lessig gives a playful talk on lessons to be learned from conservatives about an “ecology of creativity” in remix culture. The talk is brilliant – funny and smart – but is also brilliantly done – a great example of using technology to communicate. Highly Recommended

Lawrence Lessig is a professor of law, currently at Harvard, and cultural critic particularly active on subjects related to technology, the internet and copyright. He founded Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Society, is a founding member of the board of Creative Commons and has also been on the board of the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

[I want to give a shout out to Jimmy Guterman, whose post on boing boing brought this to my attention.]

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