Is Obama a Secret Vulcan?

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Is Obama a Secret Vulcan?

As a fan – albeit with complications and reservations – of both Star Trek and Barack Obama, I was delighted to run across this recently (though long after it was published, before the election)…

An important component of the comparison is Obama’s mixed race background – black father and white mother – which resembles that of Spock, the Vulcan second-in-command on the starship Enterprise in the original Star Trek television series. In both cases, the character (aren’t politicians essentially characters in a TV series, after all, albeit one with poor writers and all too frequent bad casting choices?) is strongly identified with the race of the father (black for Obama, Vulcan for Spock) and it makes them a bit of outsider in their profession.

Obama also has a demeanor – his steely calm and intelligence – much like that of Spock.  And of course Obama also bears a certain resemblance to Tuvok, the Vulcan officer on the later series, Star Trek: Voyager. But read the rest of the original article for the full discussion.


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