Reimagining Socialism: A Nation Forum

Socialism’s all the rage. “We Are All Socialists Now,” Newsweek declares. As the right wing tells it, we’re already living in the U.S.S.A. But what do self-identified socialists (and their progressive friends) have to say about capitalism’s current troubles? We’ve asked them, and you can read their spirited replies in the forum that follows this essay. –The Editors

Reimagining Socialism: A Nation Forum.

Although a year old now, this special forum in The Nation is well-worth reading – not just by people favorably inclined toward socialism, but by anyone who has been made scared for the future and angry about the present by the double-whammy of the financial crisis and the escalating urgency of doing something about climate change.

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7 responses to “Reimagining Socialism: A Nation Forum

  1. Katie Stevens

    In order to accomplish a complete overhaul of the economic system many burdensome taxes will be put into place. Whether it is a VAT, a sugar tax, a pizza tax or whatever else you have planned I’d like to suggest something that will make the lives of those who are in the working poor, like myself, have an even easier time of it.

    I’d like to see extra taxes placed on all the gourmet foods people such as yourselves love. All the fine wines, exquisite cosmetics, perfumes and finery–all that should be taxed at least at 25%. The proceeds of this tax should then be turned over to the government to provide food vouchers to the working poor through lower middle class working people. Why? So that we can afford all the organic and wholesome foods that will still be more expensive than the canned foods or prepared foods we have now.

    Also, since there will be increased taxation and increased costs for utilities, this means the working poor will now have to work even harder and longer hours to pay for the bare necessities of life. As such we’ll WANT to work overtime and spend more hours at our jobs.

    In which case we won’t have time for vegetable gardens or leisurely home cooked meals. In which case you should again be taxed more on those items you consume such as theater, movies, opera, ballet, art gallery openings–in short everything you enjoy should be taxed so that others can order dinner out when they are spending more time at their jobs.

    See, isn’t it fun micromanaging everyone else’s life?


  2. Katie Stevens

    Thank you for putting my comment up. I didn’t think you would. But try to see it from my point of view. When a person is only making minimum wage and rent is over 1/2 their monthly salary ideology means very little.

    It’s hard to give support to things like this when the dollars and cents are not put forth.


  3. Katie Stevens

    I’m sorry to have hurt your feelings. I thought I was posting over at The Nation. My big mistake.

    I feel very, very betrayed by Katrina Van Den Heuvel. I have read up about her at various sites and was very shocked when I learned she is for Socialism.

    My view of Socialism is skewed but I see it as a loss of my freedom of movement. And it’s only recently that I’ve become aware of Ayn Rand and Objectivism. This twisted philosophy has so penetrated American society that I say “it has poisoned the well”. I find it has even seeped into my psyche with notions of freedom and liberty sounding all well and good but freed for what and at liberty to whom?

    I do want healthcare reform to go through but because of bad treatment I had when on Medicaid I’m very leery of being put back into it again.

    I don’t have the time to be as well read as some others I’m meeting at wordpress but am open to any kind of discussion.

    Reaganomics is over, I’m sure. It’s what is coming next that worries me.

    I’m never inclined to believe anyone is out strictly for selfless motives and it’s very hard for me to be convinced that Socialism is the answer.


  4. Katie Stevens

    P.S. The link to your blog was posted in someone else’s blog and made to look like it was at The Nation. There wasn’t any mention that it was your blog.


  5. On my way to riches and success. Bye-bye wordpress!

    At this point freedom from debt and freedom to have enough money to pay for my education is all the movement I need. I’ve no desire for travel and thankfully no children to support.

    I’m sick of being dependent on the government. Life is more than Medicaid and Food Stamps.

    My belief is that the more we make a good effort the more we can move ahead and forward, even though the current system is unfair life is the art of navigation and compromise.

    Even if the government gave me a subsidy for health insurance it’s still my responsibility to pay for the co-pays and part of the premium.

    I want freedom to fulfill all my responsibilities. For me at this point freedom of movement is being free of debt and free to plan my education and pay for it all.

    That’s my freedom. It’s practical. It’s not going to change everybody’s world but if I get back to making a greater contribution to the tax base that’s a start.

    but i won’t be able to do that if food, utilities and transportation increase in price.


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