Support Left Bank Books!

Support Left Bank Books!


Friends of Left Bank Books!

As you (hopefully) know, Left Bank Books is still alive and well, after 36 years in the Pike Place Market. We are still run collectively, and we still carry a wide variety of general books, while specializing in left-wing and anarchist materials.

HOWEVER—as you know, several independent bookstores have folded recently, both because of the economic crash, and competition from Amazon, etc. The demise of independent bookstores would also spell the demise of small presses, whose publications are ignored by the corporate chains.

Left Bank is facing an extra challenge as well: Our building will undergo earthquake retrofitting sometime this fall. We will be forced to close for up to three months. We have never closed before, and we are determined to reopen ASAP!!

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO HELP US SURVIVE! In these hard times, we don’t want to ask for donations. But what would help enormously is this:

Purchase a Left Bank Gift Certificate before we close. Keep it for yourself, or gift it to a friend. If enough people do this, we will be able to save in advance some of the revenue we will lose during the closure. With that money, we will be able to pay our ongoing expenses, while building up our stock of great books for our re-opening.

You have several options: You can come into the store and buy the gift certificate. You can send a check in the amount you want to spend, and we will mail the GC to you. You can call in your request, and pay with a credit card.

Above all, you can pass this letter on to everyone you know who would care about the ongoing success of Left Bank. That’s 36 years of people! No need to stop at the borders of Seattle—if people don’t mind spending part of their gift certificate on postage, we will happily mail books to them.

In Solidarity,

The Left Bank Collective
Left Bank Books
92 Pike Street (corner of First and Pike)
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 622-0195

via Support Left Bank Books! | Revolution by the Book : The AK Press Blog.

Left Bank Books is one of the most awesome collective bookstores / radical bookstores / bookstores bookstores around.  Lots of nooks and crannies, lots of books and sometimes trannies, posters and t-shirts, buttons and happy, smiling, tattooed collectivistas.

If you are in the area, peddle yourself over there, hitchhike up there, and show them so love. If a roadtrip isn’t feasible, you can go online, read all about them and buy some good stuff…

It would be a tragic blow for Seattle if Left Bank Books were to close. As I wrote in an earlier post, independent bookstores are often a vital part of the intellectual life and community of their towns – as Black Oak Books and Cody’s were, and Moe’s still is, in Berkeley, and City Lights in San Francisco – and this is doubly, triply true for anarchist, feminist and alternative bookstores.


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