The Compton Cookout: Racism, Resistance, and Backlash » Sociological Images

At the beginning of this month, I made a series of posts looking at issues around Black History Month – and in particular the idea that with Obama’s election, the United States has shown itself to be past the need for a Black History Month. Against this idea, I drew attention to, among other things, a racist party thrown (or at least scheduled) on a University of California campus.

Sociological Images is one of my new favorite blogs. In their own words

Sociological Images encourages people to exercise and develop their sociological imaginations with discussions of compelling visuals that span the breadth of sociological inquiry.

They post images – everything from photos to web graphics to scans, pictures, graphs, illustrations, etc. – that raise interesting sociological issues and comment, very briefly, on them.

Their post on the racist party is notable for covering an issue more than an image, and for featuring text so prominently, and is not perhaps the best introduction to what they do, but it does provide a great deal more information on the party…

Members of PIKE fraternity at the University of California, San Diego came under fire this month for hosting a party, called” The Compton Cookout,” designed to mock black Americans and Black history month (less than 2% of UCSD students are black). People are shocked and horrified, and rightly so, though it’s just one in what seems to be a constant stream of such parties.
via The Compton Cookout: Racism, Resistance, and Backlash » Sociological Images.


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