Wearing Badges is Not Enough…

You also need a t-shirt:

After all, “the revolution is just a t-shirt away.”

The most recent newsletter from Billy Bragg’s website mentioned a new T-shirt inspired by Billy’s song “A13: Trunk Road to the Sea,” and the Cable Street riot of 1936, being sold to help raise money for the (British) anti-BNP Hope Not Hate campaign:

The company producing these t-shirts, Philosophy Football, consists of a duo of football (ie., soccer) fans who see it “as the peoples’ game not as an extension of corporate power.” Here’s how they describe the genesis of the company:

A bright spark by the name of Geoff Andrews who’d had to stomach a dull draw between Spurs and QPR at White Hart Lane, was round at Mark Perryman’s flat in Tottenham and suggested a t-shirt with the immortal words of Albert Camus “All that I know most surely about morality and obligations I owe to football” across the chest. For reasons he’s never been able to rationally explain Mark retorted “not a t-shirt, a goalie’s top.”

They’ve come pretty far since those beginnings and branched out into three t-shirt lines: dissenters, footballers, and philosophers. Here are some more examples from the dissenters line:

One of my favorites…

Angela Davis t-shirt from Philosophy Football

And another, this one based on the banner of the volunteer British Battalion of the International Brigade, and produced for the 70th anniversary of their entry into the Spanish Civil War and the struggle against Franco’s fascists:

And of course this one, with a quote from Arundhati Roy, that is one of the inspirations behind this blog’s banner:

Because, you know, even anti-capitalists have to wear tops… because, as we said, wearing badges is not enough (you need something to stick the pins into).


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