Update: Responses to the Tea Party Movement [EXPANDED]

Mad Tea Party illustration by DREW FRIEDMAN - from The Nation

Drew Friedman - The Nation

Over on Infoshop News and elsewhere, there has some interesting comment and discussion on the Tea Party movement, and on the over-the-top response by Tea Partiers to the initial call on Infoshop for an anarchist response to their planned demonstrations (about which I wrote in an earlier post):

It’s been quite interesting to see the reactionary right go haywire over the recent call to “crash the tea parties”. Reading their blogs, one can literally track the echo chamber effect in real time. One wing nut on the information superhighway characterizes the anarchists without proof as stooges for the Feds (the standard accusation from these folks) and before you know it the next kook is citing the first kook as proof.
via High Noon is Too Late for Tea: Seeking Ways to Engage and Oppose the Tea Party Movement – Infoshop News.

A recent story posted to the Infoshop News newswire about upcoming Tea Party rallies has generated quite a controversy beyond our website. Several false accusations have been published by other websites about our news service. We want to take this opportunity to clarify several things about our news service for people unfamiliar with Infoshop News.
via Infoshop News Statement on Tea Party rally story.

It is my opinion that anarchists — of whatever variety — should not antagonize the tea partiers; who are already angry at the state, and some may be ready to reject it. My view is that anyone who heeds this call to action should attempt to reach out the tea partiers, and not to simply counter them for the sake of countering them.
read the rest at Fake Anarchist Plan to Crash Tea Parties.

And this on race and the Tea Party movement:

In the wake of America’s first black president, the capitalist financial crisis and the perceived threat of socialist economic reform, a “grassroots” movement of mostly white, mostly working class Americans has emerged around the loose coalition known as Tea Parties. Though small in number relative to the massive outpouring of popular anger against the invasion of Iraq in 2003, this “movement” has captured the media limelight, emerging as the most public opposition to Obama’s agenda.
via Tea Parties & The White Working Class – Infoshop News.

For another take on racism in the Tea Party movement, see:

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and conservative Web site head Andrew Breitbart exchanged accusations of protest racism on Wednesday — from the tea party movement and anti-tea party labor unions, respectively.
watch a video of the exchange on The Huffington Post.

And particularly worth reading is an article in The Nation with a cogent and detailed discussion of the out-of-touch lunacy of so many of the Tea Partiers:

Leftists like to say that another world is possible, but I was never quite sure of that until I started reading tea party websites. There, a government of leftists is not only possible, it’s on the cusp of seizing permanent power, having broken American capitalism and replaced it with a socialist state. Down that rabbit hole, Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel are communists, and “The Left”–which encompasses everyone from the Democratic Leadership Council to Maoist sectarians–is a disciplined and near omnipotent army marching in lockstep to a decades-old master plan for domination called the “Cloward-Piven strategy” or, as of January 20, 2009, “Cloward-Piven government.”
read the rest at The Nation: The Mad Tea Party.

Doonesbury ran a long sequence on the lunacy of the Tea Party movement recently, featuring everyone’s favorite surfer dude (followed closely by The Dude), Zonker Harris, trying to make sense of their philosophy and iconography (reproduced without permission):

Doonesbury strip on the Tea Party movement

Doonesbury strip on Tea Party movement

And, finally, with yet more comic relief… a blast from the past:

Don’t let the tea party go Perot
Washington Post by Dan Quayle | Apr. 4, 2010 (Opinion)
The emergence of official tea party candidates would be very welcome news in the Obama White House. All at once, a powerful and energetic counterweight to the Democratic establishment would become a splinter group, destroying the unified opposition it has helped to create. A potential electoral majority on the threshold of victory would become two minority factions almost certain to share in defeat, and a movement inspired to stop the big-government agenda …
via Don’t let the tea party go Perot – NewsTrust.net.


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