Reading List: The Protestor’s Handbook by Bibi Van Der Zee

Are you worried about global warming? Furious about GM crops? Sick to death of human rights abuses, unaffordable housing, junk food, airport enlargement, or just the way your neighbour’s dog doesn’t clean up after itself?

Step-by-step, journalist Bibi van der Zee reveals just how easy it is to launch, publicise and fund a campaign and put pressure on businesses and politicians to start your own revolution.

Fully revised and updated to reflect recent events, here is your up-to-date, streamlined guide to getting results. So what are you waiting for? Start that revolution today!

via Guardian Books – The Protestor’s Handbook by Bibi Van Der Zee.

Slated for publication in April, The Protestor’s Handbook was written by Bibi van der Zee, a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to the Guardian. You can also find it at Powell’s.

The Protestor’s Handbook is clearly aimed at a more mainstream, rather than radical, audience. For how-to’s on radical activism and direct action, you might begin by looking at publications from AK Press, such as:

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook
Beautifully designed A-Z of the totality of revolutionary politics. This brand new Crimethinc book is the action guide—the direct action guide. From affinity groups to wheat-pasting, coalition building, hijacking events, mental health, pie-throwing, shoplifting, stenciling, supporting survivors of domestic violence, surviving a felony trial, torches, and whole bunch more. Incredible design and lots of graphics give it that hip situ feel. Loads to read, to think about, and to do. At 650 pages, you could always throw the damn book at a suitable target. What are you waiting for?

Bumping Back: An Activist’s Guide to Getting There, Doing the Business and Getting Away With It
A new and long-overdue book of tactics for direct action. Includes information on how to approach a target and conduct surveillance without being seen yourself, how to approach and leave a target during an action and, if all goes wrong, how to escape. Along the way are top tips, essential skills, pointers toward extending your skills base, a bit of politics, and some really bad puns.

Expect Resistance: A Field Manual
an exploration of the complex relationship between ideals and reality. Expect Resistance is a field manual for a field on which all manuals are useless, a meditation on individual transformation and collective resistance in disastrous times, and a masterpiece that raises the bar for radical publishing.

The class how-to manual for eco-oriented direct action is Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching.


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