The Coming Insurrection

“By night Berlin has become a battlefield. Each morning reveals new casualties: burned out cars. There have been over 500 in the past three years. These nocturnal arson attacks are part of a protracted campaign of resistance to the city’s increasing gentrification, retaliatory strikes against the loss of areas of the city that have long fostered alternative culture and anticapitalist activity. As more and more residents are priced out of their own neighborhoods, such acts of sabotage have become the last-ditch efforts of the dispossessed…”

read the article: The Coming Insurrection | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters.

The title, and the thrust, of this Adbusters article comes from the radical pamphlet/polemic of the same name put out in 2007 in France by The Invisible Committee. Like earlier moments of radical theorizing, this pamphlet was a response to a specific moment of (largely unanticipated) public protest in France. The events of May 1968 (Mai ’68) in Paris inspired a generation of radicals and theorists, including such figures as Gilles Deleuze and Jean-François Lyotard. The Invisible Committee’s Coming Insurrection grew out of efforts to think through the banlieu riots in Paris in 2005 (les émeutes de banlieues).

The people who are presumed to comprise The Invisible Committe were subsequently arrested by French police for alleged sabotage of train lines, and have become know as the “Tarnac 9.”

Glenn Beck reviewed The Coming Insurrection, and his rant about Europe on the “brink of destruction,” and the insidious nature of pamphlets, unions and communists is worth a listen if you have the stomach for such things (and your blood pressure is not as volatile as mine is sometimes). He wants you to read it so you know who the enemies are and are ready. I feel the same way.

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