Arizona’s anti-immigrant law: the inevitable result

Arizona’s anti-immigrant law: the inevitable result: “We can expect a deluge of stories such as this: only a matter of hours after Arizona’s borderline-racist and almost certainly unconstitutional law targeting immigrants was signed by the state’s governor, a US citizen is the first to experience life under the new law.

The man, a truck driver, was arrested and handcuffed in Phoenix after he was asked to produce identification.”

(via World news |

An increasing number of individuals and organizations – including the City of San Francisco – are calling for a boycott of Arizona.  Absolutely right.

Coming on top of earlier efforts by Arizona governors to get rid of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and to strip away gay and lesbian domestic partner benefits, Arizona is beginning to seem like a rogue state.

And check out the interesting debate and the new law over on The New York Times: Will Arizona’s Immigration Law Survive? – Room for Debate Blog.


One response to “Arizona’s anti-immigrant law: the inevitable result

  1. ????????????????????????

    yo pienso que es una tonteria eso de la ley de arizona que la quiten digo yo


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