May Day – Get off the Computer and Into the Streets

May Day is synonymous with International Workers’ Day, or Labour Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations organised by the unions, anarchist, and socialist groups. May Day is also a traditional holiday in many cultures. (via Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Howard Zinn on Haymarket

Music for May Day

Chumbawamba – “Never Do What You Are Told” – Showbusiness!

The Internationale (German)
Billy Bragg – “The Internationale” – The Internationale

The Kingston Trio – “This Land is Your Land” – The Original
Arlo Guthrie with Pete Seeger – “This Land is Your Land” – More Together Again in Concert

Pete Seeger – “Solidarity Forever” -If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
Pete Seeger – “Talking Union” – If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
Billy Bragg – “There is Power in a Union” – Must I Paint You A Picture? The Essential Billy Bragg

Rolando Alarcón – “El Gallo Rojo” – A la Resistencia Española
Billy Bragg – “The Red Flag” – The Internationale

Billy Bragg – “I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night” – The Internationale
Utah Phillips with Ani Difranco – “Joe Hill” – Fellow Workers

Harry McClintock – “Big Rock Candy Mountain” – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Billy Bragg – “Marching Song of the Covert Battalions” – The Internationale
Bruce Cockburn – “Call It Democracy” – If a Tree Falls  – A Collection of Greatest Songs

Billy Bragg – “The Price of Oil” [free download from Billy Bragg’s website]

Gillian Welch – “A Miner’s Refrain” – Hell Among the Yearlings – dedicated to the coal miners of West Virginia and their families

Carlos Mejía Godoy – “Nicaragua, Nicaragüita” – Grandes Éxitos Vol. 2
Billy Bragg – “Nicaragua, Nicaraguita” – The Internationale

John Lennon – “Power to the People” – Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon
Bruce Cockburn – “If I Had a Rocket Launcher” – Stealing Fire
Randy Newman – “Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man)” – Sail Away: The Songs of Randy Newman
Jimmy Cliff – “The Harder They Come” – The Harder They Come
Gil Scott-Heron – “Blue Collar” – Moving Target

Elvis Costello – “Welcome to the Working Week” – My Aim Is True
Rage Against the Machine – “The Ghost of Tom Joad” – No Boundaries: A Benefit For The Kosovar Refugees
Tenacious D – “The Government Totally Sucks” – The Pick Of Destiny
Devo – “Working in a Coal Mine” – New Traditionalists
The Clash – “Career Opportunities” – The Clash
The Clash – “The Clampdown” – London Calling
MDC – “I Hate Work” – Millions of Dead Cops

May Day Music


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