May 3 is World Press Freedom Day

So read some daring news or check out a news site you wouldn’t normally visit…

And while you’re at it, take a look at these

World Press Freedom Day reminds us that information is democracy’s oxygen | Agnès Callamard: “Many journalists pay a high price for the public’s right to know

Today is World Press Freedom Day and there is much to celebrate in a world where affordable and fast technologies enable journalists to break news and report from all the corners of the world in real time.

There is also much to be concerned about, as journalists, photographers, bloggers and other writers face increasing risks to their personal safety in many parts of the globe where illegitimate regimes and criminal cartels push back against the brave efforts of media workers to report human rights abuses, corruption, environmental degradation and criminal activity.”

(via Comment is free |

Reporters Sans Frontières – Forty predators of press freedom: “There are 40 names on this year’s list of Predators of Press Freedom – 40 politicians, government officials, religious leaders, militias and criminal organisations that cannot stand the press, treat it as an enemy and directly attack journalists. They are powerful, dangerous, violent and above the law.”


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