More Trouble in Northern Ireland

I wrote earlier about the spectre of a return of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and my sadness at that possibility. Here we have another report that sounds depressingly familiar from all those years of violence. If only the rest of the world (Greece, Arizona, climate change, oil spill, nuclear pacts, Iron Man 2) would slow down long enough for me to find out what is really going on back there…

Device explodes at Lurgan PSNI station: “Last week, two devices, understood to be pipe bombs, were defused in the Kilwilkee Road area of the town.

The attack on Tuesday is the latest in a series in recent months which have been blamed on dissident republicans.

In April, bombs exploded outside the MI5 headquarters in Holywood, County Down and a police station in Newtownhamilton, County Armagh.

(via BBC News.)

PSNI officer targeted in Newry pipe bomb attack: “A pipe bomb has exploded outside the family home of a police officer in Newry.”

(via BBC News.)


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