Read This: April ‘Earth Month’ our worst ever

Danny Westneat | April ‘Earth Month’ our worst ever: April was “Earth Month,” a time to show our love for the planet. Surely no one is more relieved this observance has come to an end than Earth.

It’s as if we decided to celebrate by setting the guest of honor on fire.

We began Earth Month by grounding a coal ship on the Great Barrier coral reef. We ended Earth Month by dumping an untold number of gallons of light sweet crude into the Gulf of Mexico, our worst ecological catastrophe since the Exxon Valdez in 1989.

In between, Earth Month was one coal-mining disaster, refinery explosion and dead, garbage-filled whale after another.

Thanks, Earth, for all you do! Here are some children and politicians planting tree seedlings. Now excuse us, please, while we torch the place….

(via Seattle Times Newspaper.)


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