More from Penny Red

An ‘I’m Blogging This’ moment.: “Three riot vans screech up and police in yellow jackets pour out of the hatches like predatory lymphocytes to sterilise the dissent. They stream into formation and edge us back from the gates, politely for now, but extremely firmly. One young policeperson’s face is really close to mine as he shuffles us unseeingly back, and suddenly hey, I bloody know you, officer.

Last time I saw Officer X, he was wearing my underwear and a red velvet corset.”

After a teaser like that, how can you not read the rest?

On a somewhat related topic, Penny weighs in on what is apparently a fun new fad in the UK – slash fiction featuring the leaders of the two new governing parties, the Tories and LibDems…

Hey, geeks: NO.: “there are some times, some very rare, very sad times when constructing juicy stories about real or imagined homosexual angst between two powerful and/or fictional men IS NOT THE ANSWER. Now is one of those times. Because actually, it’s the people, not each other, that these men are quite possibly about to screw.”

For those of you of the non-geek persuasion, “slash” fiction is fan-written fiction that depicts sexual relations between pairs of characters – usually taken from pop culture (especially science fiction and fantasy on television) rather than the uncharted realms of British coalition governments. The origins of slash lie in fanzine fiction featuring intimate interactions between Kirk and Spock from Star Trek – shorthanded as Kirk/Spock and then K/S, hence the term slash, to refer to the separator between the names.

And finally, a sample of the pungent and pithy writing that makes Penny Red such a treat:

A Tory wet dream of women in politics: for Morning Star: “there’s nothing new about a Cabinet stuffed with rich, right-wing public schoolboys.”


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