Another possible explanation for the BP oil spill

something stirring in the Earth’s crust…

In 2015, the most ambitious drilling project in history is under way. Dr Nasreen Chaudry and her team have reached 21 kilometers into the Earth’s crust – but something is stirring far below. Amy Pond discovers there’s nowhere to run when you can’t even trust the ground at your feet. (via ONEDDL.)

Have “ambitious drilling projects” ever not led to disastrous consequences?

Of course, if the Doctor were here, we wouldn’t still be waiting for the oil spill to be stopped. After a lot of running around and shouting – which, frankly, we could do with a bit more of from BP, who have seemed remarkably torpid in their response – the whole thing would be sorted in an hour. Where’s the Doctor when you need him? Let’s have more of that British export and a bit less of BP, thank you very much.

BBC – BBC One Programmes – Doctor Who: Series 5.


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