BP Oil Spill: Why we can’t nuke it closed…

“It’s crazy,” one senior official said.

(via Nuclear Option on Gulf Oil Spill? No Way, U.S. Says – NYTimes.com.)

I was never seriously suggesting the nuclear option as a real approach to sealing the leak – as a solution to the environmental problem it seemed as batshit crazy as Glenn Beck’s rants. As one sensible fellow/felless put it, “What’s worse that an enormous oil spill? An enormous radioactive oil spill.”

Read the NYTimes.com article article for other, more technical, albeit less succinct reasons why this would be a bad idea. As if you needed convincing. Something to think about tomorrow – World Environmental Day. Thanks for lending it so much extra poignancy, BP – creating a disaster so impossible to manage and global in potential scope than the idea of nuking it has been seriously tossed around. What’s next? Proposing that Dr. Evil use sharks with frickin’ lasers to melt it shut?


2 responses to “BP Oil Spill: Why we can’t nuke it closed…

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  2. Matthew Jones

    I found this a rather uninformative and unprofessional blog. The New York Times article (referenced) does not provide the reader with any scientific data in which to form an opinion. Rather, it cites politics as the primary reason to irresponsibly keep the nuclear option “off the table.” Given our early awareness concerning the gravity of the BP oil spill, our administration should have and should continue to evaluate the scientific merits of this option as it seems there are few others available to us.


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