Event: People’s World Cup – Sydney, 12 June

In the shadow of corporate funding and overt attempts to deny the game’s multicultural and working-class history. In opposition to racists and sexist attitudes within and surrounding the game. Jura is organising a match to reclaim football (yes, we mean soccer). A football match like no other you have ever been a part of. A match that will borrow and adapt anarcho-football rules and style of play, with any player able to substitute back for either team without formal restrictions on substitutions. And naturally it will not be gender restrictive, encouraging all to play! The general theme of the event will also aims to subvert the primacy of nationalism and patriotism during the Men’s World Cup period.Come join the Jura people and the anarchist community in a football kick around within an anti-racism, anti-sexism setting. Jura will also organise a people’s kitchen on the day.

Kick Racism out of Football!
Tackle Sexism in Football!
Shoot unethical companies out of Football Sponsorship!
No Winners. No Losers.

via Facebook | People’s World Cup.

Anarchist football is a regular feature of North American anarchist bookfairs – and always a highlight, a pleasure, a joy.


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