The Carbon Footprint of the 2010 World Cup

The Carbon Footprint of the 2010 World Cup: “If you thought that those pesky vuvuzela were the worst thing about the 2010 World Cup, wait until you hear about the carbon emissions estimated to be released during the planet’s biggest sporting event. According to a study conducted by the Norwegian embassy and South African government on the eve of the games, this year’s World Cup will emit 2,753,251 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is roughly equivalent to the amount released by one million cars over the course of a year–and six times worse than those emitted during the last World Cup….

Read all about it – on TreeHugger.

Note: TreeHugger is part of the Discovery media network, which also includes the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc. and which recently debuted a show with everyone’s favorite Tea Partier, Sarah Palin…

Sarah Palin Teams Up With Discovery Company: An Unnatural Match?: “In her next move, Sarah Palin is teaming up with The Discovery Company’s TLC for a new series, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which will take a documentary tour of her home state. We find it ironic that the notorious anti-environmentalist will be given a platform by one TV’s biggest nature-driven companies, which owns networks such as Discovery, Animal Planet and Planet Green…” (via The Huffington Post.)

Why Is Sarah Palin Getting a Nature Show? Her Environmental Record Is Atrocious: “Sarah Palin, a former governor who spent her two years in office doing everything she could to repeal laws that protect wildlife and nature, would seem like a completely bizarre choice for a nature series -particularly one produced by the Discovery Channel, which also owns and the Planet Green channel. And yet that is precisely what has happened….” (via AlterNet.)


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