Pictures from #Occupy Oakland

There is a there there…

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(thanks to reddit/R/Anarchism)

There’s so much on the events and the scene at Occupy Oakland that it’s hard to know where to start in terms of links to more info, but you might begin with…

And for a view from the other side…

And for photos of earlier Oakland action, you can begin with…

And for the view from across the briny…

If you’re new to protests where the police may get frisky, you might be intimidated by the shields, gas masks, etc. – don’t be.  For one thing, there’s a nice new Instructable for DIY Gas Masks that should give you breathing room (pun intended) in many situations were tear gas or pepper spray is used.   Backpacks stuffed with padding can help protect your back from police batons, but you can also buy riot gear just like cops wear. (Though I might recommend body armor meant for snowboarders or dirt-bikers that you could wear under a hoodie as less… confrontational.)


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