Return of the Bumbling Op

Following the icky Twitter argument posted about previously, a friend alerted me to a lot of subtweeting about me by some of the participants and their friends. I went and had a look, and—perhaps unwisely—stuck my finger back in the socket…

Seriously, I was actually thinking that it might be possible to engage in a discussion about my intentions, what went wrong, their criticisms—the whole thing. Not just the starting point—men talking about feminism—but also the tenor of their response and our discussion, how to address conflict and disagreement among potential allies. Given the tone of their subtweeted exchange, it didn’t seem likely, but I thought there was some potential for something positive. It didn’t happen.

Since they’ve used Storify to post limited selections of the exchanges with snarky commentary, I’m posting the whole of this most recent exchange here, as I did with the previous one. It may be a bit hard to follow, what with the multiple threads, and with some of the participants posting locked tweets that I couldn’t see, but I’ve done my best to make it readable and chronological without distorting, omitting, or changing anything, and with minimal, mostly just explanatory comments.

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
ugh :alarm bells:


Karen ‏@kazahann May 11
@grphlegmblip yeah. she also implied our criticism stemmed from personal dislike.

[this is a reference to another, earlier discussion, about a column by @pennyred]

Tom ‏@attentive May 11


barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@attentive@kazahann ding ding ding ding

Karen ‏@kazahann May 11
@attentive@grphlegmblip lmao @RedKahina

Tom ‏@attentive May 11
@kazahann@grphlegmblip@RedKahina Blunten the contradictions …

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@eponymousthing@attentive@kazahann ok…wtf

George Bell ‏@gbelljnr May 11
@grphlegmblip@kazahann the bit about the left eating its own. classic

George Bell ‏@gbelljnr May 11
@grphlegmblip@kazahann we keep sending infiltrators in and they keep being strung up WHY DOES THE LEFT ALWAYS EAT ITS OWN?

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@gbelljnr@kazahann it’s textbook. i can’t imagine s’one who claims any amt of consciousness in 2015 having a raised fist av saying this

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@gbelljnr@kazahann shit as just “getting it wrong”

@grphlegmblip@gbelljnr@kazahann had to block this person a long time ago for similar, “why don’t you love liberalism” pablum

@grphlegmblip@gbelljnr@kazahann it’s the Otpor! fist. 😉

[a mistaken reference to the clenched fist salute in my Twitter profile—a generic left/socialist fist, and not the Otpor! one]

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@OLAASM@gbelljnr@kazahann yeeep. gosh i’m just tired of this accusation when i come in using the boilerplate talking points geez!

@grphlegmblip@gbelljnr@kazahann it’s all personal; nothing has anything to do with ideology. stop stalking. unite blue. behind cryptofash

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@eponymousthing@attentive@kazahann ok…wtf

George Bell ‏@gbelljnr May 11
@OLAASM@grphlegmblip@kazahann why can’t the left and its liberal psychopath opportunists and fascist infiltrators just get along?

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@34_1@eponymousthing@attentive fucking hell you are right

@gbelljnr@grphlegmblip@kazahann Very much this.

[i think there must be one or more tweets here that were invisible to me; sorry, i know it makes it a bit confusing]

Tom ‏@attentive May 11
@grphlegmblip@34_1@eponymousthing I think this person may be very young, confused and insecure :\

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1h
@attentive@grphlegmblip@34_1@eponymousthing Nope.
[my response was posted later, when i was alerted to their subtweeting]

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@attentive@34_1@eponymousthing idk they talked in a lot of well rehearsed circles. who knows tho

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@eponymousthing@attentive@34_1 interesting

Karen ‏@kazahann May 11
@gbelljnr@OLAASM@grphlegmblip aligning with fascists is so ISO, as well.

[ISO is presumably the International Socialist Organization]

Tom ‏@attentive May 11
@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 Ah, IT worker. Like me! This explains why they come off like a gigantic stentorian baby then

[i’m guessing they’ve just looked at my bio on this blog and discovered i’ve worked in IT]

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip May 11
@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 hahaha

Rosa Luxembourgeoise ‏@RosaLuxembourge May 11
@grphlegmblip@gbelljnr@kazahann Raised fist coopted by Gene Sharp and his reactionary OTPOR morons in Yugoslavia.

Tom ‏@attentive 21h
@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 Our subject has been absolutely off on one over the last 24 hours


barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 21h
@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 ha! this is great

Tom ‏@attentive 21h
@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 I only realised after he popped up in a usually separate, Australian bit of my timeline

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 21h
@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 woooow good to know

brad mozart ‏@aseriesofpoints 21h
@attentive@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 ha this is why i scolded them. just a concern troll. an IT worker has the resources to find

brad mozart ‏@aseriesofpoints 21h
@attentive@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 out why ppl might vandalize a war monument. confrontationally asking someone to defend it in

brad mozart ‏@aseriesofpoints 21h
@attentive@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 public is fine but playing like it’s innocent is not. it’s obviously performative

[these posts are in reference to some tweets I made, in response to a discussion on @pennyred ‘s timeline, about the defacement of a memorial in England with anti-Tory graffiti. i… don’t like graffiti on old and public stuff. i supported the sentiment, just not the placement.]

Karen ‏@kazahann 21h
@attentive@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 this account followed me today. she’s despondent

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 49m
@kazahann@attentive@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 I’ve unfollowed you.
[i posted this much later. i’d followed her by mistake—easy to click on the little follow button when scrolling on the phone]

Karen ‏@kazahann 21h
@attentive@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 impossible to have reasonable discussions with duplicitous right wing like approaches

Tom ‏@attentive 21h
@kazahann@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 “But am I not a reasonable man, with good intentions?”

Karen ‏@kazahann 21h
@attentive@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 “why can’t we (you) all get along?”

Tom ‏@attentive 21h
@kazahann@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 Yes, the great giveaway is when they start talking like the antagonists from Dostoevsky novels

Karen ‏@kazahann 20h
@eponymousthing@attentive@grphlegmblip@34_1 super confused reactionary or an op.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 49m
@grphlegmblip@34_1 Neither.
[again, my response posted much later]

Karen ‏@kazahann 20h@attentive@eponymousthing@grphlegmblip@34_1 lmao I believe it. But then i think of charles

[clearly more invisible tweets here]

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 20h
@attentive@kazahann@eponymousthing@34_1 lmao too true

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 20h
@34_1@eponymousthing@attentive@kazahann omFg

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 20h
@attentive@kazahann@eponymousthing@34_1 good point yeah. but often i think they are that blatant

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 20h
@eponymousthing@attentive@kazahann@34_1 yes..

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1h
@grphlegmblip@attentive@kazahann If you guys have any questions you’d like to ask me, I’d be happy to answer

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 1h
@annares@attentive@kazahann nah

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1h
@grphlegmblip@attentive@kazahann Well, I bet it’s more fun sneaking around & discussing me in conspiratorial tones behind the bike shed.

Karen ‏@kazahann 26m
@annares@grphlegmblip@attentive how is a discussion amongst friends for everyone to see ‘conspiratorial” & behind the ‘bike shed exactly?

[i was trying to imply that, with their subtweeting and all, they were like high school kids gossiping about me at recess; clearly it didn’t quite land]

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1h
@grphlegmblip@attentive@kazahann@eponymousthing@34_1 I will try to do more outrageous stupid stuff – poss even something to fuel

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1h
@grphlegmblip@attentive@kazahann@eponymousthing@34_1 > your thrilling conspiracy theories. I’m sure you’d enjoy that.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1h
@grphlegmblip@attentive@kazahann@eponymousthing@34_1 If there’s a particular issue you’d like me to blunder into, let me know.

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 29m
@annares@attentive@kazahann sneaking? it’s a public forum and i’m not locked. i just think it’s worth it for others to see how either

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 29m
@annares@attentive@kazahann dupes or ops work tbh

Karen ‏@kazahann 27m
@annares@attentive@grphlegmblip@eponymousthing@34_1 okay. I’m not impressed with your smears anyway.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 26m
@grphlegmblip (sorry – followed you by accident )
[clicked on the little plus button on my phone again]

Karen ‏@kazahann 22m
@annares@grphlegmblip@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 not sure if you realize, but you do actually sound like an op, with this loony left

Karen ‏@kazahann 21m
@annares@grphlegmblip@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 stuff. What do you think we’ll say? “Oh, you’re so right, thanks?” No, we’d react

Karen ‏@kazahann 21m
@annares@grphlegmblip@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 in the same way you’re reacting. But evidently its okay for you to criticize us,

Karen ‏@kazahann 21m
@annares@grphlegmblip@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 just not us criticizing you.

Tom ‏@attentive 20m
@annares@grphlegmblip@kazahann No offence, but you’d be better off if you stopped doubling and tripling down on your bad politics.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 18m
@attentive@grphlegmblip@kazahann “No offence”? Really?

Tom ‏@attentive 19m
@annares@grphlegmblip@kazahann Take offence if you want—it’s painful to watch you chasing stupid statements though.

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 19m
@annares@kazahann@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 what is not evident, exactly

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 21m
@annares@attentive@kazahann but everyone should just suck up & deal w the loony left accusations? come on

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 19m
@kazahann@grphlegmblip@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 Did you want to talk about all this, or are these rhetorical questions?

Karen ‏@kazahann 19m
@annares@grphlegmblip@attentive@eponymousthing@34_1 sure i’ll talk about it

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 16m
@kazahann@grphlegmblip@attentive@34_1 Where would you like to begin? (Taking @eponymousthing [out] because their acct is closed to me.)

Tom ‏@attentive 14m
@annares@kazahann@grphlegmblip@34_1@eponymousthing @ me out as well please, or I’ll have to mute or block you.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 13m
@attentive Well, you’ve been super unpleasant. Bye. @kazahann@grphlegmblip@34_1

Tom ‏@attentive 11m
@annares@kazahann@grphlegmblip Khan (@34_1) whose account is also locked wants to be removed from this as well. Happy digging …

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 11m
@attentive@kazahann@grphlegmblip@34_1 Okay. Well, I was going to give you guys an opportunity to stop talking behind my back, and talk.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 10m
@attentive@kazahann@grphlegmblip@34_1 Clearly not going to happen, so forget it. Sorry to have wasted all our time.

Tom ‏@attentive 5m
@annares@kazahann@grphlegmblip@34_1 Cheerio 

[they continued the conversation without me—ironically implying that the lack of a discussion was somehow my fault]

Tom ‏@attentive 1m
@34_1@grphlegmblip Ha, I don’t think the “big talk” where we “hash out our differences” is happening. Must be the “limits of discourse” …

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 4m
@34_1@attentive fasc. fasc.!!

Tom ‏@attentive 3m
@grphlegmblip@34_1 Fashinating concept!

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1m
@attentive@34_1@grphlegmblip I’m sill [sic – still] available for a big talk. But I got the impression you weren’t interested.

Tom ‏@attentive 10s
@annares@34_1@grphlegmblip I’m really not, to be honest. I don’t want to have a “reasonable” discussion just to satisfy your pride.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1m
@attentive@34_1@grphlegmblip That’s fine.

Tom ‏@attentive 49s
@annares@34_1@grphlegmblip Following which you’ll go and blog about how unfair it was, or post this sort of thing »


NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1m
@attentive@34_1@grphlegmblip You all have been saying horrible things about me for the last day and you object to that tweet?

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 5s
@annares@attentive “horrible” where

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 52s
@attentive@34_1@grphlegmblip As for blogging about it, would you object to that?

Tom ‏@attentive 5s
@annares@34_1@grphlegmblip Not at all—type what you like, but don’t sneak back with disingenuous nonsense.

Tom ‏@attentive 1m
@annares@34_1@grphlegmblip Doesn’t matter, this is something you don’t seem to grasp—that things are not, ultimately, under our control

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 6m
@attentive@34_1@grphlegmblip What did I say that was disingenuous nonsense? Recently, in this discussion I mean .

Tom ‏@attentive 4m
@annares@34_1@grphlegmblip You came back to pseudo-innocently inquire about the meaning of one of my tweets …

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 3m
@attentive@34_1@grphlegmblip No. Honestly, I really didn’t understand the whole “shovels” thing; really curious if it was Aussie idiom.

Tom ‏@attentive 5m
@annares@grphlegmblip Sure mate. This was after you chucked it on your blog and captioned it with “smug vitriol” …

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 1m
@attentive@grphlegmblip I chucked the whole convo on my blog. Unlike the dude who made a selective Storify out of it with lots of captions

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 29s
@attentive@grphlegmblip And the “smug vitriol” was aimed at all of it, but mostly @FF_notes remarks.

Tom ‏@attentive 3m
@annares@grphlegmblip Wow. This hole is so very, very deep now … @FF_notes

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 4m
@attentive@grphlegmblip@FF_notes You all have called me a fascist, op, super confused reactionary, duplicitous, a concern troll, Otpor, >

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 3m
@attentive@grphlegmblip@FF_notes > a gigantic stentorian baby, ISO, young, confused, insecure, Manarchist, MRAnarchist, crytofascist, >

NewWorldInOurHearts @annares13m
@attentive@grphlegmblip@FF_notes > pablum, infiltrator, etc, etc. ad nauseum. But you object to “smug vitriol”?

Evelyn Enduatta ‏@FF_notes 4m
.@annares@attentive@grphlegmblip You’re putting words in my mouth. Take a seat dude.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 4m
@FF_notes Yes, most of that was from subtweeting by the others. I didn’t have time to pull up your stuff. @attentive@grphlegmblip

barfo marx ‏@grphlegmblip 3m
@annares@FF_notes@attentive wow. everyone seems out to get you.

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 4m
@grphlegmblip@FF_notes@attentive I wasn’t putting all that out there as evidence everyone was out to get me. Just that it was rich to >

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 4m
@grphlegmblip@FF_notes@attentive > object to “smug vitriol”

Evelyn Enduatta ‏@FF_notes 13m
.@annares@attentive@grphlegmblip What, of my remarks, was “smug” or “vitriolic”, may I ask? .

[for the “smug vitriol,” see the previous post]

NewWorldInOurHearts ‏@annares 4m
@grphlegmblip@FF_notes@attentive Tbh, I have no idea why any of us, least of all me, are still in this thing.

Evelyn Enduatta ‏@FF_notes 4m
@annares@grphlegmblip@attentive Yeah I’ve just about had enough of your man tears annares, so I’m out. Don’t @ me any further. Cheers.

Evelyn Enduatta ‏@FF_notes 3m
.@annares Don’t @ me any further.

[i didn’t @ her any further, but as previously the conversation continued without me]

Evelyn Enduatta @FF_notes32m
Given words are being put in my mouth, I’ve storified the whole fucking annoying thing: #MANARCHISM 

Evelyn Enduatta @FF_notes31m
This is what manarchism looks like … *chanted to the protest tune*. #storify …

Evelyn Enduatta @FF_notes31m

Not quite so evil ‏@jrblanc1 23m
@FF_notes ffs indeed.

Evelyn Enduatta @FF_notes26m
@Filter_Select Hey given I was being accused of smug vitriol i chucked the whole thread together #fyi  x

Evelyn Enduatta @FF_notes20m
And far from ‘smug and vitriolic’ I was being wa-hay overly patient accord to my standards. Little shits.

anna kissed ‏@akpoetess 19m
@FF_notes Oppression of teh menz is a thing you know

Evelyn Enduatta ‏@FF_notes 19m
@akpoetess *head explodes

It’s been a real learning experience for me. Not remotely pleasant, but definitely a learning experience. And it’s made me realize I may not have a thick enough skin for Twitter. We’ll see.

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