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Reading List: The Making of the English Working Class by E.P. Thompson

‘I am seeking to rescue the poor stockinger, the Luddite cropper, the “obsolete” hand-loom weaver, the “utopian” artisan, and even the deluded follower of Joanna Southcott, from the enormous condescension of posterity.’

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Reading List: The Protestor’s Handbook by Bibi Van Der Zee

Are you worried about global warming? Furious about GM crops? Sick to death of human rights abuses, unaffordable housing, junk food, airport enlargement, or just the way your neighbour’s dog doesn’t clean up after itself?

Step-by-step, journalist Bibi van der Zee reveals just how easy it is to launch, publicise and fund a campaign and put pressure on businesses and politicians to start your own revolution.

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Reading List: The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi [updated]

The Windup Girl - coverThe Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi has been hailed as “2010’s science fiction ‘it’ book” (here) and one of the finest science fiction novels of the year. It’s been nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards as best novel. And Time Magazine named it one of the Top 10 Fiction Books in their year-end round up of the “Top 10 of Everything.” Despite all this (well-deserved) critical acclaim as a work of science fiction, though, Windup Girl seemed at times disturbingly topical — far too close to non-fiction, given the harsh, dystopia future it depicts.

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AntiCopyright: The Black Bloc Papers

An Anthology of Primary Texts From The North American Anarchist Black Bloc – 1998-2005

Edited and compiled by David Van Deusen & Xavier Massot of The Green Mountain Anarchist Collective

Table of Contents and more info

!!!The second edition of the Black Bloc Papers is now available as a free PDF book. We are asking people to make a donation to help cover costs including the future publication of the book in paper form. We suggest that folks donate $10. If you donate $10 or more, you’ll be able to get the paper version of the book at less than half the cover price.

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The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis

In this brilliant account of how the U.S. economy has been driven over the cliff, the author of the bestseller “Liar’s Poker” explains how the free fall of the American economy occurred and who, exactly, is to blame.
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I, for one, could do with a fun-to-read “global financial crisis for dummies” – and while this seems to have a narrow focus on the US crash, it sounds like it might be a good beginning.

In And Out Of Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives

new book from PM Press
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