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Ideas from Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

Following Inhabitat is a lot like reading utopian science fiction set in the not too distant future. It’s full of images and ideas of a future – that is sometimes the present – a future of beautiful design and a commitment to a sustainable society.

It’s more focused on the environmental aspects of sustainability than on the social – more focused on carbon footprints than corporate boot heels – but that’s fine. There are other sites dedicated to the idea that “social justice will save the world,” and Inhabitat is full of hope and beauty – a kind of saving already, in and of itself.

Here is just a tiny sample, chosen more or less at random, of recent posts:

Embassy of Drowned Nations: Floating City for Rising Tide Victims

Futuristic Vertical City Holds Plug-In Hexagonal Housing Units: Malaysian architect Tay Yee Wei recently unveiled a towering vertical city populated with hexagonal housing units that offer a solution to urban population growth problems in Asian cities. The tower itself serves as a scaffolding — as the population of urban areas fluctuates, modular units can be “plugged in” to the structure to accommodate an expanding population. (via Inhabitat.)

Unique and Geometric Solar Home Cuts Energy Usage in Half: This modern home built in Wisconsin by designer Shane Black uses solar thermal panels to heat a bed of sand beneath the house, keeping the interior temperature comfortable throughout the year. Combined with smart window placement and energy-efficient building techniques, the project achieves a 50% savings in energy consumption. (via Inhabitat.)

Urban Farm Project is High Design From Humble Materials: Right in the heart of Denver, on the grounds of the reclaimed Stapleton Airport, is a twenty three acre working urban farm. Students of the University of Colorado Denver built these two tremendous projects to enhance the farm’s operation as well as to make a definitive statement about sustainable design as a part of the FEED Denver program. (via Inhabitat.)

Open Air Library – Green Design Will Save the World

“Libraries and book lending are a great green practices insofar as they encourage the use of shared resources and cut down on crates of pressed tree pulp circulating the globe. They’re even better when they foster a communal spirit of sharing, as does Magdeburg’s new Open Air Library.

The library was built from the ground up with the support and interaction of the surrounding community – first as a 1:1 model made from beer cartons and later as a finished project with the help of Karo Architekten, who incorporated parts of the facade from the city of Hamm’s demolished Horten warehouse. During its entire planning and construction period the library accepted book donations, which are now available to borrow any time of day without a membership – simply walk up to a cubby and pull out a tome.”

read all about it at Stunning Open Air Library… | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.