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Stunning Poster Art from Indonesia – #Occupy Jakarta

Earlier today, @OccupyWallStNYC tweeted: “Corporations are organized across borders. It’s time for the 99% to get organized GLOBALLY.” But in fact the Occupy movement went global pretty much as soon as it began.

One of the more powerful expressions of the internationalized Occupy movement has been coming out of Indonesia, where Nobodycorp. Internationale Unlimited is producing an amazing range of political poster art. One of the most striking things about these posters is their intensity. The Occupy movement in Jakarta is grappling not just with underwater mortgages and layoffs, but with military violence and murder, with the problems of Muslim terrorism and with breakaway movements in places like Aceh.

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BP Oil Spill – xkcd: Worst-Case Scenario

BP Logo Redesign Contest

BP (Logo Redesign Contest)

I can’t tell you how frustrated and upset we are about BP and how they are handling this oil disaster. Before this eruption of oil they had 17 violations. It’s obvious this could have been prevented.

This is probably the biggest environmental disaster we have ever faced in this country.

I think the creative designers at LMW should update the BP logo with a more suitable design.

The design community and the general public will vote on the winner of the redesign of the NEW BP LOGO.

(via LogoMyWay.com ™.)

My current favorite of the submitted alternative designs:Check them out for yourself and vote on your favorites. Thanks to Stephen Fry for sharing a link to this.

They told us that the future would be better than this.

Yeah – where are our jetpacks?

A Softer World
By Emily Horne and Joey Comeau

As part of its original sequential art offerings, each month Tor.com will be bringing you a new A Softer World strip, by the inimitable Joey Comeau and Emily Horne.
Copyright © 2010 by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau

(via Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy.)

We handed control of our social world to Facebook and they’re doing evil stuff!

xkcd: Infrastructures.

WikiLeaks and The Pentagon

(via Scratch! Media Cartoon Archive – International current affairs – 2010.)

Here’s another great piece by David Pope – editorial cartoonist at The Canberra Times, of whom I’ve written before. I missed this when it first came out – otherwise I would have posted it then – but it’s too good not to share. You can find this and other examples of his terrific style and incisive commentary at Scratch! Media.

Site of the Week: radical activism visual archive

radical activism visual archive

this website archives visual traces of radical activism. you can “Leave A Comment” to add relevant informations on images. a relevant information is a comment on the origin of images, the context of their production, consumption and/or reception. comments left must help in the documentation of each image. if you want to leave a general comment, please use the reply box at the bottom of this page (“about the archive”).

categories are defined according to medias and visual strategies. tags are defined according to places, organisations, and subjects.

in the “blogroll” section, you will find links to the images’ various sources.

do not hesitate to send us information on forthcoming protests, demonstrations, squats, political actions,…

the archive will soon be upgraded with a new section containing historical images and documents !! stay tuned…

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“Nike is proud sponsor of this year’s Athens riots and protests.”

Countdown 2 Combat

Originally uploaded by Teacher Dude’s BBQ

Actually, official sponsors for riots is not a bad idea.

Back in the day, we tried to get an Australian brewery to sponsor our squats – for some reason they declined. Funding and supplies are always an issue for squats and demos and so on, but sponsorship might provide an answer.

Companies making bolt cutters and oxy-acetylene torches could sponsor direct action ecotagers. Gas mask companies would be a natural for riots likely to involve tear gas.

Sadly, up till now, only the other side has ever been able to get any real sponsorship or support – mostly from the military-industrial complex…

Site of the Week: The Billboard Liberation Front

Billboard Liberation Front

The Billboard Liberation Front has teamed up the Wachovia Bank and the Treasury Department to bring you a new stimulus package for the long cold recession ahead, Money to Burn.

We offer a broad range of black-bag operations and cultural jam services, from project management and subversion consulting to media manipulation and thought placement. The key to our success is developing a true collaboration with our clients, and by caring as much about the working relationship as we do about the final execution. Our philosophy and track record has resulted in roster of long-term, satisfied clients in a diverse range of industries, from Fortune 1000 companies to local entrepreneurs.

(via The Billboard Liberation Front.)

An Herbal Tea Party

© Copyright 2010 Andy Singer – All Rights Reserved.

via PoliticalCartoons.com.

Greek Bailout – some people are riding higher in the boat…

© Copyright 2010 Arend van Dam – All Rights Reserved.

via PoliticalCartoons.com.

oui a la révolution

poster from mai ’68

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Political Cartooning – Art and Intervention, and Aussie Slang

 © Pope/The Canberra Times

© Pope/The Canberra Times

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Radical History Revisited: Paris, May 1968

41 years ago this month, revolution (and tear gas) was in the air in Paris, as the streets heaved with riots and protests, in the events that are often just referred to as May/Mai ’68…


Photo: Bruno Barbey/Magnum

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