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Sea Shepherd Harassment Cuts Japanese Whale Catch in Half : TreeHugger

Say what you like about their tactics, but the efforts of Sea Shepherd to harass Japan’s whaling fleet in the waters off Antarctica have yielded big results. According to statements made to BBC News, the Japanese fleet returned to port with half as many whales as they set out to catch. The goal was for 50 humpback and 50 fins whales, but the fleet caught no humpback whales and one fin whale; of the 935 targeted Minke whales, 506 were killed.

via Sea Shepherd Harassment Cuts Japanese Whale Catch in Half : TreeHugger.

Well, I say, “keep up the good work.”

Hacktivism as Direct Action – Nazi Punks F**k Off [cont’d]

Previously, I discussed the neo-Nazi hate group/website Stormfront.org and possible responses to groups such as this – and to the growing use of the internet by such groups as their key recruitment, organizing and propaganda tool, more generally – including:

  • ignore them and hope they go away;
  • protest;
  • try to get them shut down, rounded up, put away, whatever, through official channels; and
  • take direct action against them.

Problems were raised with the viability and efficacy of each of the first three of these possible responses, and I concluded by briefly addressing the idea of “cyberwarfare” direct action as a response to the web presence of hate groups such as Stormfront.

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