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A Soundtrack for Black History Month: How Fares the Dream?

It’s that time of year again: Black History Month — and below is my updated playlist/soundtrack for the civil rights and black power movements… But first a few remarks.

Black History Month: the one month of the year when, traditionally, American school children get to learn about George Washington Carver (our “black Leonardo”) and Booker T. Washington, and maybe if they’re lucky W. E. B. DuBois and Thurgood Marshall.

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More Trouble in Northern Ireland

I wrote earlier about the spectre of a return of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and my sadness at that possibility. Here we have another report that sounds depressingly familiar from all those years of violence. If only the rest of the world (Greece, Arizona, climate change, oil spill, nuclear pacts, Iron Man 2) would slow down long enough for me to find out what is really going on back there…

Device explodes at Lurgan PSNI station: “Last week, two devices, understood to be pipe bombs, were defused in the Kilwilkee Road area of the town.

The attack on Tuesday is the latest in a series in recent months which have been blamed on dissident republicans.

In April, bombs exploded outside the MI5 headquarters in Holywood, County Down and a police station in Newtownhamilton, County Armagh.

(via BBC News.)

PSNI officer targeted in Newry pipe bomb attack: “A pipe bomb has exploded outside the family home of a police officer in Newry.”

(via BBC News.)

A People’s History Of The United States: A Lecture at Reed College by Howard Zinn

A People’s History Of The United States: A Lecture at Reed College By Howard Zinn

“I never wanted to practice safe history.” Howard Zinn

“What can I say that will in any way convey the love, respect, and admiration I feel for this unassuming hero who was my teacher and mentor.” —Alice Walker

AK Press: “A scintillating lecture and discussion by the legendary teacher, historian, playwright, and activist. Here Zinn explains with great humor and passion how his teaching, his history, and his activism are parts of the same project. The stories of social movements—labor, civil rights, feminists, anti-war—are usually left out or grossly distorted in mainstream history writing. The efforts of Zinn and others to recover and pass on those stories offers to their students, to their readers, and to us, models, ideas, inspirations for how and why we might go about challenging and changing the structures of power.

Available through AK Press.
A pirated copy of this can be found at AvaxHome.

May Day – Get off the Computer and Into the Streets

May Day is synonymous with International Workers’ Day, or Labour Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations organised by the unions, anarchist, and socialist groups. May Day is also a traditional holiday in many cultures. (via Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Howard Zinn on Haymarket

Music for May Day

Chumbawamba – “Never Do What You Are Told” – Showbusiness!

The Internationale (German)
Billy Bragg – “The Internationale” – The Internationale

The Kingston Trio – “This Land is Your Land” – The Original
Arlo Guthrie with Pete Seeger – “This Land is Your Land” – More Together Again in Concert

Pete Seeger – “Solidarity Forever” -If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
Pete Seeger – “Talking Union” – If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
Billy Bragg – “There is Power in a Union” – Must I Paint You A Picture? The Essential Billy Bragg

Rolando Alarcón – “El Gallo Rojo” – A la Resistencia Española
Billy Bragg – “The Red Flag” – The Internationale

Billy Bragg – “I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night” – The Internationale
Utah Phillips with Ani Difranco – “Joe Hill” – Fellow Workers

Harry McClintock – “Big Rock Candy Mountain” – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Billy Bragg – “Marching Song of the Covert Battalions” – The Internationale
Bruce Cockburn – “Call It Democracy” – If a Tree Falls  – A Collection of Greatest Songs

Billy Bragg – “The Price of Oil” [free download from Billy Bragg’s website]

Gillian Welch – “A Miner’s Refrain” – Hell Among the Yearlings – dedicated to the coal miners of West Virginia and their families

Carlos Mejía Godoy – “Nicaragua, Nicaragüita” – Grandes Éxitos Vol. 2
Billy Bragg – “Nicaragua, Nicaraguita” – The Internationale

John Lennon – “Power to the People” – Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon
Bruce Cockburn – “If I Had a Rocket Launcher” – Stealing Fire
Randy Newman – “Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man)” – Sail Away: The Songs of Randy Newman
Jimmy Cliff – “The Harder They Come” – The Harder They Come
Gil Scott-Heron – “Blue Collar” – Moving Target

Elvis Costello – “Welcome to the Working Week” – My Aim Is True
Rage Against the Machine – “The Ghost of Tom Joad” – No Boundaries: A Benefit For The Kosovar Refugees
Tenacious D – “The Government Totally Sucks” – The Pick Of Destiny
Devo – “Working in a Coal Mine” – New Traditionalists
The Clash – “Career Opportunities” – The Clash
The Clash – “The Clampdown” – London Calling
MDC – “I Hate Work” – Millions of Dead Cops

May Day Music