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Timely Critique of Bad News: xkcd: Public Opinion

This seemed weirdly timely, given my recent complaint about the news fail in coverage of responses to BP…

xkcd: Public Opinion.

We handed control of our social world to Facebook and they’re doing evil stuff!

xkcd: Infrastructures.

“Nike is proud sponsor of this year’s Athens riots and protests.”

Countdown 2 Combat

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Actually, official sponsors for riots is not a bad idea.

Back in the day, we tried to get an Australian brewery to sponsor our squats – for some reason they declined. Funding and supplies are always an issue for squats and demos and so on, but sponsorship might provide an answer.

Companies making bolt cutters and oxy-acetylene torches could sponsor direct action ecotagers. Gas mask companies would be a natural for riots likely to involve tear gas.

Sadly, up till now, only the other side has ever been able to get any real sponsorship or support – mostly from the military-industrial complex…