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Get to Arizona!

The AK Press blog, Revolution by the Book, has a list of links to organizations that can help you find something concrete to do about the crazy immigration situation in Arizona:

Get to Arizona!: “A number of people have asked me about how to support groups doing good work against the nasty immigration shit going on in Arizona. Work that doesn’t limit itself to ‘mere’ reform. I’ve also been sad witness to several toothless Facebook groups that seem to limit ‘support’ to pressing a few buttons on your computer keyboard to register your dissatisfaction…uh, and that’s it….

And remember the words of Public Enemy in ‘By the Time I Get to Arizona’: ‘Neither party is mine, not the jackass or the elephant.’”

(via Revolution by the Book.)

DJ Spooky recently released a remix of Public Enemy’s “By the Time I Get To Arizona” (a track from the 1991 album Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black) as a response to the current situation down there:

DJ Spooky and Chuck D remix “By the Time I Get to Arizona” in honor of anti-immigrant law: “DJ Spooky sez, “I just finished a studio session with Chuck D from Public Enemy. In the wake of Republican Governor Jan Brewer’s appalling anti-immigrant law, me and Chuck D were rappin’ and we decided to put together an update of his classic track ‘By The Time I get To Arizona.’

(via Boing Boing.)

Here’s the remix… It rocks.

Arizona, Arizona Über Alles

Everybody gets so much information all day long
that they lose their common sense.
~ Gertrude Stein

A round up of recent headlines, ledes and soundbites from around the internet on Arizona’s new immigration law…

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Razing Arizona / American Apartheid

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Anger – even fury – over Arizona’s new immigration law has been spreading through the United States, with President Obama, a number of Congressmen, and various state and local officials and public figures issuing stern denunciations.

A movement to enact a boycott of the state – as was done before, when Arizona rejected the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday – is also spreading, with city officials in San Francisco now banned from travel to the state (except for law enforcement and public health matters).

I’m still waiting for a comprehensive boycott site to appear – a web site listing products and services from Arizona, to facilitate individuals and companies who want to participate in the boycott.

Meanwhile, another reaction to Arizona’s move is also spreading. Officials in other states are expressing concern that they will be flooded with undocumented immigrants fleeing Arizona in the wake of the new law, and are suggesting that they may be forced to enact similar laws to prevent such an outcome. This seems pretty bizarre and craven to me – and unlikely.

How many undocumented immigrants really stay in Arizona anyway, rather than just transiting through it to farms?

I feel a particularly personal connection to this issue, as for most of my childhood I was an undocumented immigrant – an illegal alien – in the United States, and living in a neighborhood that was predominantly Hispanic. But of course I’m white and a native English speaker, so I never had to worry about la migra.

It would be great to see a demonstration, protest, march in the Arizona capital of thousands, 10s of thousands of similar illegals – white, English-speaking sin papeles standing up against the law. Of course, they’d likely all get arrested and deported so I’m not going to hold my breath, but it would highlight the racist dimension of Arizona’s law – since I doubt any of them would be asked for their papers on the way to the demo – and would also draw attention to the fact that undocumented immigrants are not just Hispanic.

Below is a roundup of recent news item and blog entries from around the web on the situation…

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Update: NotCanada

UPDATE: Both notcanada.com and notcanada.net have gone offline. The homepage for notcanada.net simply notes that “This site has been shut down.” No further information seems to be available anywhere.  It is possible, I suppose, that my exposé hit a nerve, and the sites were shut down in response – but I don’t want to flatter myself.

My post questioning the reality behind the NotCanada website continues to be one of the most frequently read, and most commented on, posts of this blog, so I thought I would go back and revisit the site – and the issue – and also do some browsing through the searches that bring people to that post, to see what else they might be finding. Continue reading

Who is NotCanada.com?

UPDATE: Both notcanada.com and notcanada.net have been shut down.

NotCanada.com | The Truth About Immigration To Canada.

This website bills itself as “providing the truth about immigration to Canada.” But who are they really?

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Morningside 4 Life!

Everybody always complains about global warming as if it was nothing but bad news. I’m as guilty here as the next person. So I wanted to take a moment to set the record straight, by bringing to your attention one of the major benefits of global warming. Continue reading