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Unhappy Days are Here Again

Unemployment is worse that we thought, the government tried to cover up just how bad the oil spill was, and as if all that crap wasn’t enough, bombings in Northern Ireland and Middle East peace talks collapsing are news of the day.

Derry car bomb blamed on dissident republicans: “Dissident republicans are being blamed for a car bomb attack in Derry late last night that damaged a bank and several shops…” (via guardian.co.uk)

U.S. Believes Arab States Won’t Scuttle Mideast Talks: “The Obama administration believes it has persuaded Arab states not to scuttle the fledgling Middle East peace negotiations, officials said Thursday, despite the Israeli government’s refusal to freeze Jewish settlements and a vow by the Palestinians to walk away if Israel did not… (via NYTimes.com.)

I know I’ve said this a few times before, but it really does seem a bit surreal to me that for pretty much my entire conscious life the struggles in the Middle East and Northern Ireland have been going on. And a formative event of my childhood was another oil spill – very minor, esp. compared to this most recent one, but right on my doorstep. I’d think nothing had really changed if it weren’t for the fact that I no longer worry about global thermonuclear war, and I do worry about my own housing, health care and employment in a way I never would have thought possible, and – oh yeah – a global climate disaster… Okay, a lot has changed. But not those two iconic struggles… As the saying goes, “I can’t believe we still have to protest this shit.”

Thank the goddess that the election of Obama means we no longer have to worry about racism or the policies of the Bush/Cheney years or any of that…

Pipe Bombs in School Yards, Houses Shot Up – The Return of The Troubles?

Father’s shock after son picks up pipe bomb: “A father has spoken of his shock after his eight-year-old son picked up a pipe bomb in a school playground in Antrim.

Brendan Shannon, 8, from St Comgall’s Primary School lifted what police confirmed was a viable device and brought it into the classroom… (via BBC News.)

Shots are fired at Londonderry home: “Four masked men went to the house in Dove Gardens shortly before 2300 BST on Tuesday. A number of shots were fired at the door.

Two men were inside at the time, but neither was injured. A short time later, petrol bombs and other missiles were thrown at police officers investigating the incident… (via BBC News.)

This is not the first bad news from Northern Ireland in the past few months, but I was struck by the horrible symmetry of the return of Middle East peace talks and of what is increasingly feeling like a return of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. As I wrote before, these two sectarian conflicts – or perhaps conflicts over inadequate divisions of land – have been such constants in my life, and I would like to see at least one of them get resolved positively and definitively some day.

More Trouble in Northern Ireland

I wrote earlier about the spectre of a return of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and my sadness at that possibility. Here we have another report that sounds depressingly familiar from all those years of violence. If only the rest of the world (Greece, Arizona, climate change, oil spill, nuclear pacts, Iron Man 2) would slow down long enough for me to find out what is really going on back there…

Device explodes at Lurgan PSNI station: “Last week, two devices, understood to be pipe bombs, were defused in the Kilwilkee Road area of the town.

The attack on Tuesday is the latest in a series in recent months which have been blamed on dissident republicans.

In April, bombs exploded outside the MI5 headquarters in Holywood, County Down and a police station in Newtownhamilton, County Armagh.

(via BBC News.)

PSNI officer targeted in Newry pipe bomb attack: “A pipe bomb has exploded outside the family home of a police officer in Newry.”

(via BBC News.)