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LaborFest 2012 on now in San Francisco


LaborFest 2012
July 1 – July 31

Occupy, Past Present and Future – Lessons of The Past for Labor Today

Ivy: Homeless in San Francisco – a YA novel

In this empathetic tale of hope, understanding, and the importance of family, readers face the difficult issue of poverty and the many hardships of being homeless through an inspiring young heroine named Ivy. Ivy is the story of a young girl who finds herself homeless on the streets of San Francisco when she and her father, Poppy, are evicted from his artist loft.

Struggling to survive day to day, Ivy and Poppy befriend a dog who takes them to the ramshackle home of quirky siblings Eugenia and Oscar Orr, marking the start of some amazing adventures. Blending a spoonful of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist with a dash of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City and a few pinches of the Adventures of Lassie, Ivy’s tale will appeal to young readers as well as give adults material to discuss with children.

“Lolitas, Oliver Twists and Huckleberry Finns live on, and now, Ivy’s tale of hope lives right alongside them.” —Robin Clewly, San Francisco Chronicle

Available from PM Press, Powell’s or Amazon.com.

Don’t Mourn, Occupy

Nuff said.

A brilliant bit of BUGAUP-style culture jamming – you have to get up real close to see that the brown bands are separate pieces of paper, very cleverly inserted and positioned in this bus shelter wall ad, which is located outside San Francisco General Hospital – “as real as it gets,” and the main health care provider for many of the City’s 100,o00 adults who don’t have any health coverage.

Of course, while “Occupy the Banks” has a visceral appeal, squatting is really the way to go: direct action to address homelessness and inadequate housing, to preserve and maintain homes that have been rendered unoccupied by foreclosure, and to begin the process of reshaping our economic lives.

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LaborFest 2011 is on in San Francisco

LaborFest is happy to present our 18th annual labor cultural arts festival in Northern California. This year in addition to commemorating the 1934 San Francisco general strike, we will commemorate and have events around the 150th anniversary of the US civil war and the role of slavery in California, the 125th anniversary of May Day and the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Fire In New York where 146 mostly immigrant Jewish and Italian garment workers perished in a fire. We will also be having our Film Works United festival, theatrical and musical performances, our annual BookFair and labor history cultural walks and presentations.

via LaborFest.

Read This: DIY Urbanism in the San Francisco Bay Area

Fascinating and encouraging reading for all Bay Area residents, and for people interested in just and sustainable cities:

DIY Urbanism: “The current economic crisis has proven to be more than a challenge to our wallets: it has tested our faith in personal agency and our optimism in the future. But this malaise has met its match in the Bay Area, where a spirit of fierce independence has always thrived. Here the bad economy has a silver lining: it has reinvigorated and mobilized the community of do-it-yourself urbanists….”

read the whole article here: SPUR | DIY Urbanism.

SPUR = San Francisco Planning + Urban Research Association, a member-supported nonprofit organization

Radical Records Revisited: Punk’s Not Dead!

It will no doubt come as little surprise that back in the day (late 70s through early 80s) I was a bit of a punk.

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Event: Tribute to Howard Zinn at San Francisco Green Festival

[an email from Screening Liberally – hotlinks added]

This Sunday at the San Francisco Green Festival

Join Alice Walker and Friends in a Tribute to the Life and Legacy of Progressive Historian Howard Zinn with Special Guests Danny Glover, Alice Walker, People Speak Director/Producer Chris Moore and Gloria Steinem via Satellite (4pm)

And see The People Speak movie- Howard Zinn’s final work starring Matt Damon, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, Josh Brolin, Marisa Tomei and more (6pm screening- arrive by 5:50 for entrance)
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Woot! Bike There Feature Added to Google Maps! (Video) : TreeHugger

It’s about time! Google Maps has finally added a Bike There feature. They’ve been plugging away for awhile now on ways to get directions for cyclists that avoids hills, excessive traffic, and points you in the best directions for pedaling to your destination. After a long time of lobbying by grassroots groups (it was all the way back in 2008 that we saw the petition circulating to add the feature), we finally have a thorough set of directions for alternative transportation, rounding out the walk there and public transit features.

for more… Woot! Bike There Feature Added to Google Maps! (Video) : TreeHugger.

Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

SF County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park
Saturday and Sunday
March 13th and 14th 2010
Free – presented by Bound Together Anarchist Collective Bookstore
Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

More on the Bookfair from AK Press

The Revolution Will Not Be Motorized

Gil Scott-Heron‘s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” [listen / info] was right on when it came out – and still is – but I like to think that if he were writing it today, instead of singing “The revolution will put you in the driver’s seat,” Gil might have sang “The revolution will put you in the bicycle seat.” Or something cool and witty about bicycles at any rate.

Bicycles were already a pretty big thing in the Bay Area, and had been for a long time, when I left San Francisco for Europe in 2002 to escape the odious and oppressive atmosphere of post-9/11 Fortress America. While I was gone though, some sort of tipping point seems to have been reached – so many bicyclists, so many bike businesses, so much bike awareness – and bicycle culture became a major, widespread feature of San Francisco life, a player in the San Francisco scene. Continue reading