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Millenium development goals summit


Millennium development goals LIVE: World leaders begin gathering in New York today for a three-day UN millennium development goals summit to review ambitious anti-poverty targets adopted in 2000. Follow updates throughout the summit… (via guardian.co.uk.)


Millenium development goals summit day two – live updates: Among today’s highlights at the UN MDG summit, Hillary Clinton is set to unveil an initiative on clean cooking stoves… (via guardian.co.uk.)


Five years on: Africa’s struggle to raise a new generation: As world leaders gather to discuss milliennium development goals in New York, the Guardian returns to its pledge to track the live of 10 babies born in countries across the continent up to 2015. We talk to them and their parents… (via guardian.co.uk.)


U.N. Poverty Goals Face Accountability Questions: There is little disagreement over the United Nations goal of eliminating dire poverty, but there is plenty of criticism about how leaders are going about it….(via NYT.)

Millennium development goals need more emphasis on human rights: World leaders gathered in New York to encourage progress towards meeting the millennium development goals, a set of eight objectives – ranging from eradicating extreme poverty and hunger to reducing child mortality and achieving universal primary education – to be achieved by 2015… (via guardian.co.uk.)

We Can End Poverty, Millennium Development Goals, 2015: With only five years left until the 2015 deadline to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), world leaders are meeting at a summit in New York (20-22 September) to accelerate progress towards the MDGs.

“There is no global project more worthwhile,” Mr. Ban told the nearly 140 Heads of State and Government taking part in the three-day meeting at UN Headquarters in New York. “Let us send a strong message of hope. Let us keep the promise.”… (via UN.)


We’ve made great strides on global poverty – let’s make more | Mark Malloch-Brown: What a difference a decade seems to make. In September 2000 the United Nations general assembly set aside differences and voted unanimously for Kofi Annan’s ambitious blueprint for tackling global poverty. Less than a decade after the end of the cold war, amid growing economic confidence, there was a feeling that things really could get better – for everyone.

Fast-forward a decade, and world leaders are once gathering again in New York for a poverty summit – but this time against a backdrop of financial jitters, climate change fears and rising food prices. Nobody is declaring victory. But as the UN’s development chief who led the drafting of the eight anti-poverty targets that we branded the millennium development goals (MDGs), I believe that setting the goals has been fully vindicated – unless, of course, governments give up on them now…. (via Comment is free | guardian.co.uk.)


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