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A Soundtrack for Black History Month: How Fares the Dream?

It’s that time of year again: Black History Month — and below is my updated playlist/soundtrack for the civil rights and black power movements… But first a few remarks.

Black History Month: the one month of the year when, traditionally, American school children get to learn about George Washington Carver (our “black Leonardo”) and Booker T. Washington, and maybe if they’re lucky W. E. B. DuBois and Thurgood Marshall.

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Blaxploitation Pride: The Boondocks [Season 1]

Blaxploitation Pride: The Boondocks [Season 1] (2005).

Another ranting revolutionary… because we can’t be serious all the time – and “I know you don’t read.”

The Compton Cookout: Racism, Resistance, and Backlash » Sociological Images

At the beginning of this month, I made a series of posts looking at issues around Black History Month – and in particular the idea that with Obama’s election, the United States has shown itself to be past the need for a Black History Month. Against this idea, I drew attention to, among other things, a racist party thrown (or at least scheduled) on a University of California campus.

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Too Soon to End Black History Month

Bias incidents roil University of California

Swastikas, nooses, a KKK hood, graffiti, epithets and jeers.

An ugly spate of bias incidents has crossed several University of California campuses over the past month, causing consternation, outcry and fear that bigotry is alive among the young and educated…. Continue reading

Black History Month – a Playlist

A playlist of tunes that inspired and energized and outraged me during this Black History Month just past. Continue reading

“I’m New Here” – a new album from Gil Scott-Heron

At 60 years old, Gil Scott-Heron has a new album out, his first in 16 years. “I’m New Here” was released by independent label XL Recordings in early February.

Gil Scott-Heron - "I'm New Here"

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