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Newspapers on the Net

OnlineNewspapers - the worlds largest online newspaper directory

I’ve been trying to read different perspectives on the current massacre / violence in Nigeria and I came across this website. It has simple, pull-down menus that allow you to quickly access lists of newspapers with online versions in countries and regions around the world. Continue reading

Some Notes on Research

Some of the factoids I used in the second “Kids and Kommercialism” post were lifted from the website of the National Institute on Media and the Family. As with other borrowings here, that shouldn’t be taken as any kind of endorsement. They seem basically okay if you scan quickly through their website, but things look at bit different when you look at their board of directors. If you aren’t already hip to this tactic, it often pays to check out the board of a nonprofit, or even a for-profit, to get more insight into where their real priorities and values lie.
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