Read This: The Sex Work Shibboleth

Penny Red is consistently one of the most engaging and articulate of the political bloggers I follow. And I’m not alone in my estimation: her blog was voted one of the “Top 100” political blogs by TotalPolitics in 2009 and this year was shortlisted for The Orwell Prize. Everything she writes is worth reading and never more so than when she takes on a difficult topic, as here:

The Sex Work Shibboleth: “For feminists, arguments about sex work have become an ugly, obstructive shibboleth. The debate about whether feminism can ever tolerate the sale of sex has raged for over five decades, and in recent years the question has opened old wounds in the fabric of feminist unity, leading to such embarrassing flashpoints as the verbal abuse and police intimidation of sex workers and their allies at the Reclaim the Night march in 2009….”

(read the whole piece at Penny Red.)


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